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an Italian chess engine released under the GPL license, written in Ada by Alessandro Iavicoli [1] . The development started in early 2012 and the first version has been released on January 21, 2013. Full compliant to the rules of chess, it also recognize draws by insufficient material. AdaChess is a console application without own GUI, but supports the Chess Engine Communication Protocol aka WinBoard/XBoard protocol. Latest version is tagged 2.0 and has been released in August 2014. AdaChess played the IGT 2014, IGT 2015, and IGT 2016 over the board.
Ada Lovelace [2]

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  1. ^ The announced AdaChess by PreChess author José Lauro Strapasson is confirmed defunct.
  2. ^ Ada Lovelace by Margaret Sarah Carpenter, 1836, oil on canvas, Government Art Collection, Ada (Programmiersprache) - Wikipedia.de (German)

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