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a chess engine by Dominique Longbien, written in C++, and first released in June 2002 as WinBoard engine [1]. Adam 3.3, released in March 2011, is compatible with UCI only. Adam was active over the board from 2002 until 2006 in participating several French Computer Chess Championship and French Programmers Tournaments. At the FCCC 2003, running in a Pentiom 3, 1.3 GHz, Adam searched about 250 KNPS [2].
Michelangelo: Creation of Adam [3]

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  1. ^ WB Engine 150, Adam by Dominique Longbien (France) is available by Frank Quisinsky, Winboard Forum, June 05, 2002
  2. ^ CHESS WIZARD Champion de France 2003 !
  3. ^ Detail of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, Fresco Sistine Chapel ceiling ca. 1512, source: Web Gallery of Art, Wikimedia Commons

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