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Akihiro Kishimoto,
a Japanese computer scientiest, research staff member at IBM Ireland, and before assistant professor at Future University Hakodate. His research interests covers AI, graph theory, and parallel/distributed computing and search. Along with Yasushi Tanase, and at times Ayumu Nagai and Norifumi Gotoh, Akihiro Kishimoto is author of the strong Shogi program ISshogi, and is further author of the Go program Akebono (9x9).

Akihiro Kishimoto was a member of the GAMES group [1] in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta, and worked with Jonathan Schaeffer et al. on solving Checkers [2]. Additionally, he worked with Martin Müller on Graph History Interaction, Proof-number search and Computer Go.
Akihiro Kishimoto [3]

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