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Albrecht Heeffer,
a Belgian electrical engineer and philosopher with research interests in the history of algebra [1], computational models for scientific discovery [2], recreational mathematics, and further in chess, computer chess and shogi. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Ghent University in 2006 on the topic of emergence of symbolic algebra during the sixteenth century [3], and is post-doctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) [4] and member of the Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science [5] at Ghent University. In 1984, during a three month visit of the Turing Institute in Glasgow, Albrecht Heeffer worked on automated acquisition on concepts for the description of middlegame positions in chess [6], supported by Donald Michie, John Roycroft, and Tim Niblett [7].

Albrecht Heeffer was member of the Bionic Impakt team with Hans Secelle, and provided the hardware, worked through the test sets, added the endgame databases and did some optimizations [8], while they later joined the Ant team around Tom Vijlbrief.
Albrecht Heeffer [9]


Albrecht Heeffer, Mathias Feist and Frans Morsch, ICT 2001 [10], round 5, Ant - Fritz [11]

Boris Spassky, Yoshiharu Habu, Albrecht Heeffer, Paris May 23, 2002 [12]

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