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Allard Siemelink,
a Dutch computer chess programmer, and author of the strong computer chess engines Bright and Spark, which both support the UCI protocol. While Bright utilize a 0x88 board representation, the later Spark started as perft framework using bitboard techniques and experimental program to explore new ideas in search and evaluation.
Allard Siemelink [1]


Quote by Allard Siemelink from the Frank Quisinsky interview published in the German online chess magazine Schachwelt [2]:
In 1999, when I was working as an ICT consultant for CMG (now Logica), some colleagues started a company competition for who could write the best chess engine. It took me two weeks to create something in Java, and although it was slow and only searched 5 plies deep, it did manage to beat the competition, which incidentally consisted of the two tournament organisers themselves only. Later, when I first learned about bitboards, I just had to give that idea a try and I wrote a new Java engine based on that technique. And although it eventually did fairly well (it was probably 2500-2600 elo'ish), it turned out that Java just wasn't fast enough to be competitive. Have become fully infected by the computer chess virus by that time, I switched to C++ and eventually I created Bright.

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  2. ^ Interview with Allard Siemelink by Frank Quisinsky, Schachwelt, January 10, 2010

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