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a set of programs for solving orthodox (Matebadix, Sidebadix, ...) and heterodox (Fairybadix) [1] chess problems and tools, developed by Ilkka Blom since 1980 initially for Apple II and later for PCs running DOS. The solver AP.exe is completely written in x86 assembly language using the DJGPP suite [2]. Alybadix supports the problem genres checkmate, stalemate, helpmate, helpstalemate, selfmate, selfstalemate, reflexmates, and seriesmover in N moves, and further Circe chess, maximummers [3] [4], and many Fairy types [5]. Alybadix is supported by Paul Wiereyn's Windows GUI APwin. It comes with a large problem collection and features quality printing supporting Ghostscript 9.00 or newer [6].

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