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Amir Ban,
an Israeli computer scientist with a Ph.D. in Rationality from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram [1] in 2008, and computer chess programmer. Along with Shay Bushinsky, Amir Ban is primary author of the world class chess engine and multiple computer chess world champion Junior and its multiprocessor version Deep Junior. Amir started chess programming in 1985. Junior's predecessor was written in Turbo Pascal, later ported to C and C++. In 1993, Shay joined Amir's programming efforts, specializing in evaluation and optimisation [2].
Amir Ban with Shannon Trophy, WCCC 2013 [3]


Maastricht 2002

WCCC 2002: Boris Alterman, Alex Kure, Shay Bushinsky, Amir Ban, Tony Marsland and Jaap van den Herik [4]

Turin 2006

WCCC 2006: Jaap van den Herik awards Amir Ban with the Shannon Trophy. First prize for Junior [5]

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