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Andrew W. Appel,
an American computer scientist and Eugene Higgins professor of computer science at Princeton University, with a Ph.D. in CS from Carnegie Mellon University in 1985 under Ravi Sethi [1] [2]. His research interests include program verification, programming language semantics, compiler, computer security, automated reasoning, and election technology. He is major contributor to the Standard ML of New Jersey compiler and one of the authors of Rog-O-Matic, described as a "belligerent expert system", which performs well when tested against expert Rogue players, even winning the game [3]. During the 80s, along with Guy Jacobson, he wrote the Scrabble program Crab [4] [5], further developed by Graeme Thomas and Steve Thomas [6], to win the Gold medal at the 1st Computer Olympiad, London 1989, and Silver at the 2nd Computer Olympiad, London 1990.
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