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a chess program which plays only the variant Atomic Chess [1], using the rules from FICS [2]. The development of the program started in April 2014. The program, written in Delphi, has its own GUI, but can also be operated via the Chess Engine Communication Protocol with WinBoard. But the Program do not support all functions of the protocol.


The program uses piece-lists and a 10x12 board for the internal board representation. It applies alpha-beta inside an iterative deepening framework, further using the killer moves, relative history heuristic, null-move heuristic, transposition tables and some other ideas for move ordering. Under his name, the program plays on FICS with a rating from 2300 to 2400 points. On the server Atomystica uses an opening book with about 170,000 positions and some as many moves, separated in a white and a black book. The opening books were automatically generated out of the topgames played on FICS.

Native GUI

Board-, Engineinfo- and FICS-Window

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  1. ^ Atomic chess from Wikipedia
  2. ^ The Rules of Atomic Chess (as played at FICS) (pdf)

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