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a WinBoard compliant chess engine by Fide Master and former Australian Postal champion Bill Jordan [1] , first released in April 2001. Awesome played the NC3 2003, NC3 2004, NC3 2005 and NC3 2006 Australasian National Computer Chess Championships.
Awesome [2]


from the Awesome site by Bill Jordan [3]
On and off over the years I have experimented with my chess playing program (Awesome). It is written in Borland C++ and was written entirely from scratch with many original approaches.

Awesome examines only a few moves compared with most chess engines, but sees quite deeply, thanks to good move ordering and other factors. In a one minute game, it is sometimes able to store every position examined in a game, in the hash table. It some ways it emulates the way a human player thinks. One of my aims is to make the search tree as small as possible (without losing any effectiveness).

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