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Bernard Brioit,
a French computer chess programmer, author of the chess program BBchess, written in Pascal.


Quote from an Interview with Bernard Brioit by Frank Quisinsky, May 31, 2002 [1]:
I am 55 years old and I develop BBchess for more than 10 years. With Christian Barreteau (AnMon) I began and we to have several years long together operated. Bruno Lucas (Dragon) came then to it and our co-operation was and is still fruitful.

Nevertheless, BBchess is very different opposite AnMon:
  • BBchess is written in Pascal with a graphic INTERFACE under Borland Delphi
  • the representation of the board uses the code 88.
  • the evaluation function of BBchess is very primitive, therefore the difference of the program strength.

Like AnMon BBchess uses an improved MTDF interface with only one axle variable and no two alpha beta variable. BBchess uses 2 Hash Tables, iterative deepening and zero move with a reduction of 3.

BBchess uses the Thompson endgame databases (3 and 4).


Eric Marathée and Bernard Brioit, FCCC 2002, Massy, 2002 [2]


  1. ^ Interview with BBChess programmer Bernhard Brioit ... (May 31th, 2002 Deutsch, Français, English) by Frank Quisinsky from the Schachwerkstatt Archives, September 4, 2006 (dead link)
  2. ^ Massy, France - 5 & 6 Oct 2002 - 9ème Championnat Français de Programmes d'Echecs

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