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Bryan Whitby,
A British & International correspondence chess player, programmer, computer chess aficionado, computer chess journalist and collector of Dedicated Chess Computers. He is author of a chess database for the Sinclair Spectrum 48K named 'Chess Data System'. From 1985 to around 1989 he produced a computer chess magazine called Chess Computer World [1] . Over the past decade he has designed chess piece sets for programs such as Chess Genius, Hiarcs and Stockfish running on mobile devices such as the Palm, Pocket PC, iPhone and iPad iOS. Most recent project involves making self-made USB Sensory Boards that uses the USB control unit of the Dream Cheeky USB chess board and presently incorporating Teensy & Minimus USB Development Boards into his boards enabling them to play with Fritz GUI, Arena and Chessmaster [2] . The USB communication software has been produced by Matt Fragilio [3] .
Bryan Whitby

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