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Butcher (Rzeźnik in Polish [1] )
a Chess Engine Communication Protocol compliant chess program written by Marek Kołacz in C, released in September 2001 [2] . Executables are available for MS-DOS, Windows and Linux. Since version 1.60, Butcher is able to perform a parallel search under Windows using processes and a shared hash table. A master process spawns worker processes, which run independently without any supervision. The Master process prepares all the structures necessary to split the node and continues the search. Worker processes simply use existing "split nodes" to start their search and report the results. The master process is responsible to kill the workers upon exit [3] .
Butcher's Tacuinum Sanitatis Casanatensis [4]

Tournament Play

Rzeźnik aka Butcher played all Polish Computer Chess Championships, and won its first edition, the PCCC 2002, and the open category of the PCCC 2004 and PCCC 2006 [5] , and otherwise was always a top scorer, at the PCCC 2012 best Polish program. Butcher further played multiple CCT Tournaments, and had its tournament debut at the CCT3 in May 2001.


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