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Charles Eric Leiserson,
an American computer scientist, professor of Computer Science and Engineering in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Father of the Cilk multithreaded parallel programming language extension based on ANSI C and co-author of the parallel chess programs StarTech, Star Socrates and Cilkchess [1] . Charles Leiserson is co-author (with Ronald L. Rivest et al.) of Introduction to Algorithms, and co-author of the paper on using De Bruijn sequences for bitscan-purposes [2] .
Charles was network architect for the Connection Machine Model CM-5 Supercomputer manufactured by Thinking Machines Corporation and Director of System Architecture at Akamai Technologies. In 2007 Charles Leiserson co-founded Cilk Arts, Inc., a start-up developing Cilk technology for multi-core computing applications, which was acquired by Intel in August 2009 [3] [4] .
Charles E. Leiserson [5]


Parallel experts at WCCC 1999: Vincent Diepeveen, Don Dailey and Charles Leiserson

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