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Chess 201x,
a series of Windows chess programs developed by Filip Höfer [1], so far Chess 2012 and Chess 2013, both in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The "chess AI" is conventional alpha-beta with iterative deepening [2].
Chess 2013 [3]


The proprietary GUI provides a single document interface with classical menu- and status bar. The main window, dominated by the isotropic 2D graphics board, has several frame boxes arranged for game notation within a single column list box, principal variation, chess clock, and evaluation scores. A progress bar indicates "thinking" time allocated and current usage, and four context sensitive dialog-styled push buttons simplify game navigation and control.

Chess 2012

The free Chess 2012 provides basic functionality, while the commercial Chess 2012 Pro Edition enables more features [4].

Chess 2013

The commercial Chess 2013 provides a choice of visual styles for the chessboard, chess pieces, and the background.
According to its author, it has improved by ca. 100 ELO points over Chess 2012 [5].

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