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Chess Champion Pocket Chess, (Chess Traveler)
a dedicated travel chess computer by SciSys and identical by Novag, first released in 1980, also licensed by other vendors under various brand names, such as Acetronic Chess Traveller, Prinztronic Chess Traveller, Ingersoll Chess Traveler and Tandy Computerized Chess [1] [2]. The Chess Champion Pocket Chess has a four digit 7-segment LED display, a small pegboard without sensors, and a keypad to enter moves. The Intercontinental Traveler, released in 1982 by SciSys and Novag as well, had an LCD.

The Philidor Software program, written by Mike Johnson under assistance of David Levy [3], ran under a Fairchild F8 3850/3851 compatible 3870 controller using 2 KiB of ROM and comfortable 320 Bytes of RAM, since the internal 64 bytes of the 3870 were expanded by an external 256x8 static RAM chip [4]. Thanks to Sean Riddle, the Acetronic Chess Traveller is playable under the Multi Emulator Super System MESS [5].
Chess Champion Pocket Chess [6]

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