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a chess playing program written by Kieran Greer in C#, which applies the Chessmaps Heuristic [1] [2]. The program requires the .NET Framework and has an own Windows GUI. The ChessMaps manual credits Beowulf for providing the opening book [3].
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Greer's more recent research on Tree Pruning for New Search Techniques in Computer Games with move chains has been carried out using Chessmaps [5]:
The Chessmaps program is still only a prototype program and is missing modules or functions that would be included in a complete program. There is no real knowledge of endgame play, for example, where the program will tend to play more aimlessly and be happy to concede a draw by repetition, in a clearly winning position. On the other hand, in certain middlegame positions where its positional evaluator should work well, it does play strongly. It is still a bit buggy and can produce errors, but the testing and results have been performed under reliable circumstances. So a rough evaluation of playing strength might be a strong club player, although, this is not particularly strong for computer chess programs these days.

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