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Chest, (CHEST)
a program for solving orthodox chess problems, such as checkmate, stalemate, helpmate, helpstalemate, selfmate and selfstalemate in N [1]. Chest is under development since 1987, written in ANSI C by Heiner Marxen, Holger Pause and Thomas Rakovsky, while Heiner already started with a mate-in-two solver written in Fortran II in 1973 [2] [3]. Chest does not play chess, but proves shortest solutions or its absence. It was first released in December 1999 as open source [4]. ChestUCI by Franz Huber, written in Delphi [5], is an UCI adapter for a slightly modified Chest 3.19, to run it from any GUI which can run UCI chess engines.




The main tree search function, utilizing a transposition table, is recursive, i.e. for a job of depth N this function does call itself several times with depth N-1, and always performs "iterative deepening", i.e. a job or subjob with a depth of 3 is first computed with a depth of 1, and if that fails, with a depth of 2 and if this also fails, with a depth of 3.

Board Representation

Chest uses a one-dimensional, incremental updated 16x24 mailbox board representation to not only apply vector attacks but also to allow any legal displacement vector between two non-border squares to be added to any legal square without probing memory outside the 16x24 array. Per square, it keeps distinct piece type and piece color, and further piece-sets of direct and indirect attacking/defending pieces. The redundancy pays off, since the attack info greatly speeds up the generation of legal moves.

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