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The Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) board is a grid of 10 horizontal lines (ranks) and 9 vertical lines (files). The pieces are placed on the intersections.

We can represent it with a sequence of 12x10=110 integers a[0], a[1], ... , [119]. The actual board is represented by the entries a[11] - a[19],...., a[101] - a[109]. The entries a[0], a[10], a[20],... and a[110]-a[119] represent the edge of the board and are set the value -1.
Xiangqi board [1] [2]

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  2. ^ Zhang Zhenshan (2015). Qian Yuan - Chinesische Gartenkunst in Bochum. DOI:10.13154/RUB.58.61

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