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Chinito (El Chinito),
a chess program by primary author Eugenio Castillo Jiménez and Pascal Tang competing the WCCC 2002 in Maastricht and the WCCC 2003 in Graz. Chinito further played various French Computer Chess Championships and Massy Tournaments, it won Massy 2002. In 2004, soon after it was found and proved Chinito contained parts of Crafty source [1], Eugenio admitted using Crafty, apologized and informed the ICGA and French Computer Chess Association about the issue to accept their decision and disqualification of Chinito from the played events [2].


Massy 2002: El Chinito vainqueur! Bernard Brioit, Pascal Tang, Eugenio Castillo, Bruno Lucas [3]

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  2. ^ Open letter by Eugenio Castillo (ELChinito team) ... by Frank Quisinsky, CCC, August 28, 2004
  3. ^ Massy 2002's chess programs tournament by Stéphane Nguyen

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