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a private chess engine [1] by Giancarlo Delli Colli in dependence on the fictional character from Gianni Rodari's eponymous Tale of Cipollino also known under its 1957 renamed title The Adventures of the Little Onion [2], who fights the unjust treatment of his fellow vegetable townfolk by the fruit royalty. Cipollino played the CIPS 2007 with 5½/6 [3] [4], with hindsight zeroed on the G 6 tournament page [5]. Concerning engine originality of Olivier Deville's ChessWar tournaments, Cipollino was suspected as Fruit derivative by Christopher Conkie [6], and according to Olivier Deville first forfeited and later reinstated after Giancarlo Delli Colli provided Christopher Conkie with some source code for examination, and nothing suspicious has been found [7] [8] [9].
Tomato and Cipollino on a Russian stamp [10]

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