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Coenraad (Coen) Zuidema, (born August 29, 1942 in Indonesia)
a Dutch chess player and mathematician. He received the Fide title of an International master in 1964 and won the Dutch Chess Championship in 1972 [1]. From 1960 until 1968 Zuidema studied Mathematics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and was then affiliated with the Mathematical Center Amdsterdam (today the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica). Since 1974 until his retirement he was IBM employee. His paper Chess: How to Program the Exceptions? [2] on the topic of computer chess covers the programming aspects of various Endgames considering its exceptions from general knowledge, and also lists an Algol 60 program to play the Rook Endgame.
Coen Zuidema [3]

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