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was a brand name of 6502 module based dedicated chess computers by the German company Consumenta with a program by Ulf Rathsman supported by Johan Enroth. Consumenta's owners, Peter-Ingolf Gericke and Klaus Heyne hired Ulf Rathsman immediatly after his runner up success with Princhess at the WMCCC 1981 in Travemünde for their project. The computers were developed by LOPROC [1], Germany, and manufactured by Wallharn Electronics, Ireland. After Consumenta went bankrupt in 1983, Conchess continued under the aegis of Johan Enroth. Princhess, running on a Conchess computer became tied World Microcomputer Chess Champion 1984 in Glasgow, where also two Conchess computers competed with Lars Hjörth as co-author. At the WMCCC 1985 in Amsterdam, Rathsman's new program Plymate as well as Princhess competed running on dedicated Conchess computers. Their respectable second place in the Commercial team champiomhship was somehow dwarfed by Richard Lang's success with his Mephisto Amsterdam program, yielding more or less in the cessation of Conchess computer manufacturing.
Conchess Monarch [2]

Conchess Designer

The designers of the "Swedish-made" chess computer Conchess, Ulf Rathsman and Johan Enroth, 1982 [3]


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