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D is a programming language developed by Walter Bright from Digital Mars [1] [2] . The first stable version was released 2007. Walter Bright designed many other compilers as the first native compiler, the Zortech C++ compiler, the Symantec C++ compiler, and the Digital Mars C++ Compiler and many C compilers (as the Datalight C compiler). D is in the Top 30 of the TIOBE index [3] .

Design Principles

The design principles have been to write a compiler for a language that:
  • is fast without any compromise
  • has a clean syntax free of the C++ quirks
  • has all modern concepts of interpreted languages. In fact D has some Ruby + Python elements that make programming fun.
  • is easy to learn for C and C++ programmers

Native Features

D might be a competitive choice for chess programming because:
  • The performance / speed is comparable to C / C++
  • It has ulong (8 bytes) and is very data-type rich

Suitable for Chess Programming

Althought it looks like D has tons of advantages over C/C++ in terms if a modern language, two problems might be woth to know
  • It has been reported that D is not as good in bit fiddeling as C / C++ if you are using chess magic
  • It is unknown if the garbage collector has any impact on predictable results

D has the following native features:

D Engines

Dynamic list with tag 'dengine'. Engines (at least some versions) written in D:


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