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Dana S. Nau,
an American computer scientist and Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. His research covers Artificial Intelligence [1] in Planning and Game Theory [2]. Dana Nau discovered Pathology on certain game trees, where a deeper search does not improve the decision quality, but makes the decision more and more random. Along with Stephen J.J. Smith and Thomas A. Throop, Dana Nau developed AI planning techniques in the Bridge program Bridge Baron [3] [4].
Dana S. Nau [5]

Selected Publications

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  • Dana S. Nau (1979). Quality of Decision Versus Depth of Search on Game Trees. Ph.D. thesis, Duke University, Advisor Alan Biermann
  • Dana S. Nau (1979). Preliminary results regarding quality of play versus depth of search in game playing. First Internat. Symposium on Policy Analysis and Information Systems

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