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David B. Goodrich,
an American Information technology consultant and developer, in the 70s and 80s incorporating David B. Goodrich & Associates Inc., and Product Development Associates, Inc., both located in Largo, Florida [1]. In 1976, Data Cash Systems Inc., a Florida Corporation commissioned D. B. Goodrich and Associates to design and develop a computer program for a computerized chess game. The Data Cash Systems chess computer called CompuChess was released in Autumn 1977. It was therefor the second commercial dedicated chess computer in the Computer Chess history, short after the Chess Challenger 1 by Ron Nelson and Sidney Samole of Fidelity Electronics [2].


The Goodrich & Associates developed CompuChess program was later copied without permission. Novag's first chess computer, the Chess Champion MK I released in September 1978 [3], market in the US as Novag licensees JS&A Chess Computer, contained an exact copy of the CompuChess ROM for the Fairchild F8 processor. Mike Watters' article in Schachcomputer.info - Wiki gives further details [4], as well the notes of the Data Cash Systems vs JS&A court case in 1979 [5]:
From September 1976 to April 1977 D. B. Goodrich and Associates designed and developed the basic instructions which told the computer how to play chess at six different levels of difficulty. This process involved the four phases in the development of a computer program discussed above. The instructions were translated into programming language, the source program, which then was translated into machine language, the assembly program. This assembly program was then used to create the object program, the Read Only Memory (the "ROM"). This ROM was then installed in the computer as part of its circuitry.

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