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David L. (Dave) Bringhurst,
an American software engineer, project manager and programmer in the video games and biotechnology industry, currently working for Agilent Technologies [1]. In 1996, he founded the now-defunct Ultimation, Inc. [2], featuring the naval simulation Destroyer Command, released in 2002 by Ubisoft.
Dave Bringhurst [3]

Computer Chess

At Software Toolworks and Mindscape, David Bringhurst was director of software development and as lead programmer involved in the development and graphics programming of Chessmaster 3000 in 1991, the Chessmaster 4000 Turbo, the first version incorporating The King engine by Johan de Koning, and Star Wars Chess in 1993, the Chessmaster 3-D (CM 4K for Video consoles) and the Chessmaster 5000 in 1996 [4]. At Fluent Entertainment, Inc. in 2003, he worked on the GUI and the DirectX9 game engine including mesh and texture loading and rendering, volumetric shadows, reflective and mirror surfaces, mipmaps, texture compression, skinned animated characters, lighting, multiple LOD, anti-aliasing, fog, and cinematics [5], as applied in Hoyle Majestic Chess [6] and Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures.

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