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David Fotland,
an American electrical engineer, computer scientist, Go player, Go and Chess programmer [1], and author of the world class Go playing program Many Faces of Go, which is under development since 1981. The engine combines a traditional knowledge-based algorithm with a modern Monte-Carlo Tree Search [2]. Many Faces of Go, as well as other strategy game programs, like the Arimaa bot Bomb, puzzle- and Sudoku solver, are market by Fotland's own computer game software development and publishing company Smart Games [3] .
David Fotland [4]


Beijing 2008

Go winners (19x19) at the 13th Computer Olympiad, Beijing 2008: David Fotland (Gold), Guillaume Chaslot
and Arpad Rimmel (MoGo), Gian-Carlo Pascutto (Leela), surrounded by David Levy and Xinhe Xu [5]

Kanazawa 2010

Jaap van den Herik awards David Fotland, Computer Olympiad, Go (13x13), Kanazawa 2010 [6]

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