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5-0 and 5-2.Deep_Thought_I_Board.102645419.HSU.lg.jpg

Deep Thought,
was a computer chess machine built at Carnegie Mellon University in the 1980's, the predecessor to Deep Blue. The project was initially started 1985 as Chiptest by the computer science doctoral students Feng-hsiung Hsu and Thomas Anantharaman. Murray Campbell, former co-developer of HiTech, joined the ChipTest team a few month later - followed by Andreas Nowatzyk, Mike Browne and Peter Jansen. The program was named Deep Thought after the fictional computer of the same name [1] .
Deep Thought I - circuit board [2]


5-0 and 5-2.Deep_Thought_Team_1988.102645336.HSU.lg.jpg
Murray Campbell, Feng-hsiung Hsu, Thomas Anantharaman, Mike Browne and Andreas Nowatzyk,
after winning the Fredkin Intermediate Prize for Deep Thought's Grandmaster-level performance. [3]



Photomask of the move generation chip, a combinational logic 8x8 array [6]


View into Deep Thought's source written in C with gotos [7]

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