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Didzis Cirulis,
a Latvian chess and computer chess expert, chess advisor and chess program tester. He worked as long-term tester of Christophe Theron's Chess Tiger 11.5., was involved in testing Ed Schröder's Rebel, Richard Lang's Chess Genius, Mark Uniacke's Hiarcs for Palm, and more recently in providing chess input and testing of AI Factory's Treebeard by primary developer Jeff Rollason, where he has already made significant contributions [1] .
Didzis Cirulis [2]

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  1. ^ Jeff Rollason, Didzis Cirulis (2005). Treebeard - A new way to do Chess. AI Factory, Summer 2005
  2. ^ Photo courtesy Didzis Cirulis, December 2015

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