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Dietmar Lippold,
a German computer scientist with a Ph.D. from University of Stuttgart [1]. His research interests include data mining, machine learning, heuristic search, multi-agent systems, distributed and parallel computing and modeling of cognition. He was involved in various open source projects, the data mining system Lascer [2], the Java parallel framework Architeuthis [3], the multi-agent simulator Nereus [4] and the Java mathCollection [5] and the Java inSet package to represent and process sets of nonnegative integer numbers in an efficient way [6]. His Ph.D. thesis, defended in 2008 [7], broaches on Knowledge discovery from huge sample sets, which also includes simple chess endgames applied with the Lascer data mining system [8] [9].

Legitimacy of Positions

As undergraduate student at Kaiserslautern University of Technology in the 90s, Lippold researched on the topic of the legitimacy of positions in endgame databases, whether those positions can be reached from the initial position, proposals published in the ICCA Journal [10].

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