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Dinesh Gadwal,
an Indian computer scientist, technology executive/consultant in the Seattle area, and former Microsoft manager and engineer [1]. He wrote his master's thesis at University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on a first step towards building a chess tutor. A prototype system, UMRAO, has been developed for the limited domain of bishop-pawn chess endgames.


The research reported is aimed at investigating knowledge-based chess in the context of building a prototype chess tutor, which helps to learn how to play bishop-pawn endgames. In tutoring it is essential to take a knowledge-based approach, since students must learn how to manipulate strategic concepts, but not how to carry out minimax search. UMRAO uses an extension of Michie's advice language [2] [3] to represent expert and novice chess plans. For any given endgame the system is able to compile the plans into a strategy graph, which elaborates strategies that students might use as they solve the endgame problem. Strategy graphs can be compiled "off-line" so that they can be used in real time tutoring [4].

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