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Enrique Irazoqui,
a Catalan professor of literature, expert in information technology, artificial intelligence and computer chess, and actor - most famous for his role as Jesus Christ in The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Il vangelo secondo Matteo), Italy 1964 by Pier Paolo Pasolini [1], and Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ [2] [3] .

Enrique Irazoqui was editor of the annual Computer Chess Digest, and organizer and arbiter of various tournaments and matches. Well known are his Cadaqués Computer Tournaments [4]. In 2002, he was the arbiter during the Kramnik vs Deep Fritz chess match in Bahrain, which ended in a tie. At the Man vs Machine Team Championship 2004 in Bilbao, Enrique Irazoqui served as co-organizer and computer chess advisor [5] .
Enrique Irazoqui [6]


Enrique Irazoqui and Pier Paolo Pasolini 1964, during filming of The Gospel According to St. Matthew [7]

Enrique Irazoqui and Alex Kure, Kramnik versus Deep Fritz 2002 [8]

Man vs Machine Team Championship 2004 in Bilbao, dinner after game one [9]

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