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Erdogan Günes,
a Turkish computer chess expert and book author residing in Germany. Erdo cooked opening books for various programs, notably at the WCCC 2010 in Kanazawa even as team member of two participating programs, Rondo by Zach Wegner and Anthony Cozzie as well as Fridolin by Christian Sommerfeld. Further programs supported and operated by Erdogan were Deep Sjeng by Gian-Carlo Pascutto [1], Hiarcs by Mark Uniacke, Goliath by Michael Borgstädt, Hydra by Chrilly Donninger, Zappa by Anthony Cozzie, Falcon by Omid David [2], and Komodo by Don Dailey, Mark Lefler, and Larry Kaufman. His tremendous operating skills in Blitz was a warrant for top places and Blitz titles [3] at World [4] and World Microcomputer Chess Championships, most recently winning with Komodo at the WCCC 2016 and WCCC 2017 both in Leiden.
Erdogan Günes [5]


IPCCC 2004

Hydra team 2004: Ulf Lorenz, Erdogan Günes and Chrilly Donninger, IPCCC 2004 [6]

WCCC 2015

WCCC 2015 Blitz, Komodo vs. Ginkgo, capturing lightning fast with one hand [7]

WCCC 2017

WCCC 2017, Erdo with Shannon Trophy representing Komodo as book author [8]

Döner Gambit

Erdogan is famous for his formidable opening ideas and preparation. Well known is the Döner-Gambit, a Blackmar-Diemer like opening, extensively analyzed by Günes [9] , which usually occurs as following: 1. d4 d5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. f3 with later e4 to encourage black to capture e4 and f3. Christopher Lutz proved Döner Gambit quite harmless, if black exchanges queens and give back material [10] .

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