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Eric White,
an Australian technologist, businessman and manufacturer of consumer electronics and dedicated chess computers. Starting computer chess business in the late 70s, founder and along with Ken Cohen co-founder of the Hong Kong manufacturers Cassia (1979-1981), White and Allcock (1981-1984) [1], Newcrest Technology (1984-1991) aka CXG Systems, National Telecommunications System Ltd. (1991-1993), Krypton Ltd. (1994), Timorite Ltd. (1995-1996) [2], Systema Leisure Ltd. (1997-2001), and subsequently other Hong Kong companies [3]. Eric White had his computer chess debut with the Cassia Chess Mate [4] which was a clone of Ron Nelson's Fidelity Chess Challenger 10 (A) [5].

In 1981, Eric White started the collaboration with David Levy's and Kevin O’Connell's new company Intelligent Software. White and Allcock's first own dedicated chess computer was the CXG Sensor Computachess [6] with a 4-bit Hitachi processor HD44801, and the program by Mark Taylor using only 160 nibbles of RAM, which predecessor was already instantiated in the SciSys Mini Chess series earlier this year.

Chess computers were designed in Hong Kong, manufactured in China, and then marketed under various brand names and retailers, including CXG [7] [8], Computer Games Ltd. (CGL), ComputaChess, Crown, Hanimex, Unimex, Tandy via RadioShack, Krypton [9] [10], Schneider [11] [12], Systema and Toytronic. In 1998 in partnership with Tiger Electronics (Hasbro) [13], White produced the Tiger Grenadier and Tiger Voice Master [14]. Chess computers were also manufactured for Excalibur and Millennium 2000 [15]. David Levy was the source of programs for all cheaper models [16], using Sunplus 8-bit chips [17] (now Generalplus [18]).

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List of computers [19]
Kaare Danielsen
Danielsen, Kaare
Chrilly Donninger
Donninger, Christian
Gyula Horváth
Horvath, Gyula
Richard Lang
Lang, Richard
Frans Morsch
Morsch, Frans
Mark Taylor & David Levy
Taylor, Mark

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