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Eric Ernest Winkler,
a Swiss physicist, technologist, businessman and manufacturer of consumer electronics and dedicated chess computers, holding a MSc in Physics from ETH Zurich [1], in 1978, along with Peter Auge co-founder of Novag, and in 1979 founder and CEO of SciSys (Scientific Systems) located in Hong Kong, 1987 renamed to Saitek [2]. Saitek continued the Mephisto trademark after the acquisition of Hegener & Glaser in 1994 [3] and its entire business operations in 2000. At the H&G Extraordinary General Meeting in December 2000, it was decided to change the company's name from Hegener + Glaser AG to Stella Entertainment AG realizing 100% of the shares of the Broadway Musical Management GmbH (BMM) [4], while Winkler concurrently resigned as member of the supervisory board. Stella became insolvent in 2002, partly acquired by Stage Entertainment - the German Mantelaktien-Report by Undervalued-Shares.com broached the issue [5].

In 2007, Saitek's Branded Products division was acquired at a price of 30 million Dollar by Mad Catz [6], while Winkler continued with his own company, electronics manufacturer Ryder Industries Ltd., Hong Kong [7], no longer in the dedicated chess computer business [8].
Eric Winkler [9]


Eric Winkler was involved in various patent-registered inventions in the field of dedicated chess computers, for instance the Sensory Electronic Game which includes a board having a number of defined positions each provided with an isotropic field sensor such as a reed switch which has open and closed positions depending upon the presence or absence of a magnetic field, and two sets of playing pieces [10], the Thin Membrane Sensor Board as mentioned by Mike Watters [11], and the Configurable computer input device [12].

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Professional programmers associated with SciSys and Saitek computers:
List of computers [13]
Craig Barnes
Barnes, Craig
David Broughton
Broughton, David
Kaare Danielsen
Danielsen, Kaare
Mike Johnson
Johnson, Mike
Julio Kaplan
Kaplan, Julio
Johan de Koning
De Koning, Johan
Frans Morsch
Morsch, Frans
Dan Spracklen
Spracklen, Dan & Kathe
Kathe Spracklen
Spracklen, Dan & Kathe
Mark Taylor
Taylor, Mark

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