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Eugenio Castillo Jiménez,
a Spanish computer chess programmer, author of the chess program Eugen, co-author of the chess program Chinito, and the Chinese Chess program XieXie.

According to Eugenio [1] , Eugen was partially inspired by freeware programs like Turbo Chess, GNU Chess, and Crafty. It used 16 bit attacktables which were incrementally updated in every make and unmake move, the search uses iterative deepening, and recursive nullmove (R=2). In 2004 it turned out Chinito contained parts of Crafty source and was therefor considered a clone [2] [3]. Eugenio's mens rea to use a readily board infrastructure from open source programs as base for own apparently original ideas and algorithms caused damage of his reputation in the computer chess scene. However, many who knew Eugenio from tournaments and personal communication found him an broad-minded computer chess programmer with lots of interesting ideas, and would like to give Eugenio Castillo Jiménez a further chance.
Eugenio Castillo Jimenez [4]


Group photo Massy 2002 with winners Eugenio Castillo and Pascal Tang


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