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Excalibur Electronics, Inc., (since 2009 EB Excalibur)
an American electronics company and manufacturer of dedicated chess computers and other handheld electronic games, located in Miami, Florida, founded in 1992 by Shane Samole, son of Fidelity's founder Sidney Samole, along with former Fidelity sales manager Terry Everett [1]. Former Fidelity director Ron Nelson continued computer chess engineering, as well as chess programming in Shane's company, and became engineering vice president for Excalibur Electronics [2]. In 2009 , Excalibur Electronics, Inc. was merged into EB Brands, LLC [3] in an internal reorganization [4] as EB Excalibur [5] [6].
Former Excalibur Electronics Building [7]

World Chess Hall of Fame

In the late 1990s, Sidney Samole proposed to move the World Chess Hall of Fame from New Windsor, New York to Miami, where it would be located in a rook-shaped building constructed by Excalibur. Although Samole died in 2000, the U.S. Chess Trust [8] accepted the proposal the following year, renamed World Chess Hall of Fame and Sidney Samole Museum, until it closed in 2009, the World Chess Hall of Fame reopened in St. Louis in 2011 [9] [10].


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