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Frédéric Prost,
a French mathematician, computer scientist and associate professor at Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble and Joseph Fourier University Grenoble. His research interests include quantum programming, IT security, non-interference analyses, anonymity, and in artificial intelligence, engines for Twilight Chess [1] and game-theoretic value of chess variants [2].
Frédéric Prost [3]

Gardner's Minichess Solved

Along with Mehdi Mhalla, Frédéric Prost weakly solved Gardner's 5x5 Minichess as published in 2013. They modified Stockfish in order to make it play Gardner Chess [4]. Abstract [5] [6]:
A 5×5 board is the smallest board on which one can set up all types of chess pieces as a start position. We consider Gardner’s minichess variant in which all pieces are set as in a standard chessboard (from Rook to King). This game has roughly 9×10^18 legal positions and is comparable in this respect with checkers. We weakly solve this game: we prove its game-theoretic value and give a strategy to draw against best play for White and Black sides. Our approach requires surprisingly little computing power. We give a human readable proof. The way the result is obtained is generic and could be generalized to bigger chess settings or to other games.

Selected Publications

[7] [8]

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