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Frank Schneider,
a German computer scientist and chess programmer. Along with co-author Kai Skibbe, Frank is primary author of the chess engines GromitChess, Anaconda [1] and PocketGrandmaster for Windows Pocket PCs and mobiles [2]. He is further author of Ginkgo, debutant at the WCCC 2015 in Leiden.
Frank Schneider [3]


Workshop Jena 2008

Eiko Bleicher, Frank Schneider, Chrilly Donninger, Karsten Müller [4]

WCCC 2015

WCCC 2015, Jonny vs. Ginkgo, Johannes Zwanzger and Frank Schneider with Ginkgo shirt. Komodo vs. Fridolin
in the background with Christian Sommerfeld, Erdogan Günes and Mark Lefler [5]

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