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Gaviota Tablebases,
a depth to mate endgame tablebase by Miguel A. Ballicora, initially developed for his Gaviota engine [1] . The probing code, written in C, is open source, along with the tablebase files licensed under the MIT license. Gaviota Tablebases cache system works like bitbases on the fly, allowing to probe WDL information with fourfold increased cache efficiency. Further, the thread safe probing API allows soft probes to get information from the cache without reading the hard disk - intended to use everywhere inside the search, and the classical hard probe, suited to use with some distance to the horizon. The up to 5-men tablebase files can be generated [2] and checked [3] using the free command line program tbgen, performing several compression schemes using tbcp [4], yielding in 5-men sizes below 7 GB.
Gaviota base on Runde [5]

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