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Gerhard Friedrich Hund, (* February 4, 1932 [1])
a German chess player, chess official, international recognized chess journalist and photographer, mathematician, computer scientist, and internet and internet chess pioneer. He is son of physicist Friedrich Hund (1896 – 1997), and was married with woman chess master Juliane Hund, née Meyer (1928 - 1999) [2], with whom he had four daughters who all became strong chess players as well, Susanne van Kempen, née Hund, wife of Heinz van Kempen, WGM Barbara Hund, WFM Isabel Hund, and Dorothee Lampe, née Hund. Chess family Hund was completed by foster son Allart Meyer (1956 - 2006). Hund holds a Diplom in mathematics from University Frankfurt, and worked as research associate at Darmstadt University of Technology, where he taught computer programming, before he went to Bayer AG Leverkusen in 1961.
Gerhard Hund [3]


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Chess family Hund, Carnival 1970, Allart, Juliane, Susanne, Isabel, Barbara, Dorothee and Gerhard [4]

Remote chess

Gerhard Hund is one of the pioneers of global computer networks. Already during his time at Bayer AG, in the mid-60s, long before the Internet became accessible to the public, he worked on remote data transmission. After his retirement at Bayer in 1995 he ran the chess forum of the website CyberCity Cologne [5] and organized the first German online chess events.

Chess sites

Along with Heinz van Kempen, Gerhard Hund maintains and hosts the German chess and correspondence chess site Teleschach (Telechess) [6] . He published a huge collection of media and photographs available at Wikimedia Commons [7] .

Selected Publications

  • Gerhard Hund (1958). Maßstäbe zur Beurteilung der Leistungsfähigkeit elektronischer Rechenautomaten. Wirtschaftliche Verwaltung. Mitteilungen zur persönlichen Information. Bd. 4, ISSN 0508-8674
  • Gerhard Hund (1959). Strukturerkennen und lernende Maschinen. (Structure recognition and learning machines) Elektronische Rechenanlagen, Heft 3 Zeitschrift für Technik und Anwendung der Nachrichtenverarbeitung in Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Verwaltung. R. Oldenbourg München und Wien (German)

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