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Gian Piero Favini,
an Italian computer scientist and Ph.D. from University of Bologna with research interests in the Artificial Intelligence topics of machine learning, search algorithms, Knowledge representation, and incomplete information games with an extremely large belief state. Along with his advisor Paolo Ciancarini, he is co-author of the KriegSpiel program and two times Gold Medal winner Darkboard, written in Java [1] .
Gian Piero Favini [2]

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  1. ^ Gian Piero Favini - CV (pdf)
  2. ^ Gian Piero Favini
  3. ^ A page on Kriegspiel
  4. ^ Dap Hartmann (2011). Review: The Dark Side of the Board: Advances in Chess Kriegspiel. ICGA Journal, Vol. 34, No. 3

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