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a program for solving orthodox chess problems by Olaf Jenkner, written in Delphi [1], program texts and manual available in German only. Initially developed since 1990 for the MS-DOS operating system in Pascal, Gustav was later ported and improved to run under Windows. Gustav is able to solve checkmate, stalemate, helpmate, helpstalemate, selfmate and selfstalemate in N moves. It has a dedicated GUI with various dialogs to edit positions, to load and save FEN or proprietary GST-files of problem collections, and to control the search. Beside brute-force search accelerated by a transposition table, several automatic or user defined constraints such as number of escape squares for the checked king, allow shallow and deep searches of up to 170 moves (339 plies). The longest for Gustav solvable problem so far has 163 moves, a composition by Ottó Titusz Bláthy [2]:

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K7/p3p1p1/1p2p1p1/rp4B1/brpn4/Rnk5/8/4N1N1 w - -

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  1. ^ Delphi/Kylix Compiler by Olaf Jenkner, CCC, March 14, 2001
  2. ^ Gustav 3.2 from Schachversand Niggemann (German)

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