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The Hash Move is a Move Ordering related issue.

The Hash Move is a move probed from the transposition table, either a best move of a stored PV-node - a PV-move, or a good enough refutation move to cause a cutoff. This move should most importantly searched first [1] [2]. One may save the move generation at all, if the hash move actually fails high. To guard against rare TT key collisions, one may apply a legality test of the hash move [3].

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  1. ^ but usually after trying the Null Move of the Null Move Heuristic
  2. ^ tt move vs null move by Erin Dame, CCC, May 27, 2017
  3. ^ Robert Hyatt, Anthony Cozzie (2005). The Effect of Hash Signature Collisions in a Chess Program. ICGA Journal, Vol. 28., No. 3

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