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Heiner Matthias,
a German chess player and Fide Master. Heiner, while affiliated with the University of Paderborn, was the opening book author and chess consultant of the "university" chess programs Zugzwang and P.ConNerS [1].
Fide Meister Heiner Matthias [2]


Heiner Matthias versus Ferret by Bruce Moreland, Aegon 1997 [3]

Living Zweihirn IPCCC 2000: Heiner Matthias and Vincent Diepeveen,
in front Rudolf Huber [4]
Heiner Matthias explaining the drawing strategy in Ikarus vs. Comet, IPCCC 2000
Stefan Knappe, Heiner, Gerd Isenberg, Ulrich Türke, Muntsin Kolss and Dan Wulff [5]

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