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Jan van Reek,
a Dutch chess analyst, chess writer, journalist, and composer of endgame studies. Jan van Reek is further researching on historic chess tournaments [1], for instance the Baden-Baden 1870 chess tournament with Adolf Anderssen, Wilhelm Steinitz, Gustav Neumann, Joseph Henry Blackburne, and Louis Paulsen among other great chess players from that time [2] , and elaborated on Strategy and Planning in chess.
Jan van Reek [3]


In 1997, Jan van Reek [4] categorized Planning in chess to three main characteristics, Tactics, positional play, and Strategy, where positional play serves as guideline for planning of a strategy [5] :

Terms of Planning


Dominating abstraction


To gain material or to mate

Positional play


To improve the position



To swing the balance


Long-term planning by human chess players is usually made on the basis of reasoning, experience, and intuition, as investigated by De Groot in 1946 [6] .

Selected Publications

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