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Jan E.F. Kaan,
a Dutch -parttime- computer chess programmer, has been book author of Yace (2000); he was author of a gambit chess program Djengis (2001) which was based on Marcel van Kervinck's program MSCP (Marcel’s Simple Chess Program) [1] Debugging and further development of his engine has stopped, but it has been used now in a free chess gambit opening training program, see download page at www.bookbuilder.nl.
Other computer chess work was done in opening theory, in particular developing a repertoire for computer chess; variations have been researched with his own program Bookbuilder . He then wrote a book Better Chess Opening Play published on lulu.com and Amazon [2] .
and sometimes is still blogging about opening theory [3]


  1. ^ Marcel van Kervinck is not involved in the current development of Djenghis. Theo, October 29, 2002
  2. ^ https://www.amazon.com/Better-Chess-Openings-Jef-Kaan/dp/1326180770
  3. ^ about computer chess and opening theory

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