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John Kent Dixon, (born September 1, 1934 [1])
an American electrical engineer, mathematician, physicist and computer scientist. He graduated with BSEE degree from Lawrence Institute of Technology in 1957, and worked as an electrical engineer on military projects at Chrysler Missile and Bendix Research in Detroit. While working, he earned an MBA in 1964 and a MA in mathematics in 1965 at Wayne State University. In 1965 he moved away to study at the University of California at Livermore, where he worked with James R. Slagle on Theorem-Proving and the M & N search algorithm. He received the MS in physics in 1966 and a Ph.D. in computer science in 1970. He moved to the Washington, D.C. area and worked as a computer scientist doing research in the field of artificial intelligence at the Naval Research Laboratory and various business companies.
Bruce and John Kent Dixon [2]

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