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Konstantin Kosteniuk, (Russian: Константин Костенюк) [1]
a Russian chess master, and father and coach of Alexandra Kosteniuk, Women's World Chess Champion from 2008 until 2010. Konstantin Kosteniuk is involved in designing an industrial robot [2] to play chess, dubbed The Chess Terminator and later ChessKA [3] [4], able to play against three opponents simultaneously. At the opening ceremony of the The 60th Russian Women's Championship in Moscow [5] , November, 2010, The Chess Terminator drew a blitz game against Vladimir Kramnik, demonstrating its ability to move lightning fast and to press the clock. Terminator does not really "see" the board, but has a sensory board to recognize the pieces. Therefor Terminator was not (yet) able to shake Kramnik's hand when he offered a draw [6] . The controlling PC may run any chess program using standard protocols like UCI.
Konstantin Kosteniuk [7]

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